Eco-budget application oriented by environmental governance: evidence from beijing

Yanqiu Zhang, Chunfang Zheng

Business College, Beijing Union University, Beijing, 100025, China


Environmental governance is extremely urgent facing the severe environmental pollution, ecosystem degradation and resource constraint in China. Chinese government attaches great importance to it and integrates it into national development strategies. Eco-budget is a comprehensive environmental governance instrument successfully piloted in some European and Asian countries, and has great enlightenment and reference for China s environment governance. Ecological environment in Beijing especially needs more effective control and protection. The goal of this paper is to design eco-budget scheme and pilot in Beijing combined with field research and official announcement data, using the method of completing an eco-budget cycle including budget preparation, budget implementation and budget evaluation. The result is to provide suggestions for improving eco-budget, help Beijing government evaluate the performance and make decisions on environmental governance, achieve strategic goals for sustainable development.


eco-budget; ecological resources; environmental governance

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